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    Leave your clothes in dressing room, drink 1 – 2 glass of water or any sports drink ( avoid caffeine ) which has electrolytes. Shower first, as this is to moisten the skin and to remove any possible body or fragrant odors. Which do not belong to the sauna. Do not take a sauna bath for over 10 – 15 minutes. Exit the sauna bath if you feel uncomfortable or become sleepy.

    Cool off with cool fresh air and cool water without shocking the system and avoid shivering. Take a warm foot bath if you have cold feet and then repeat the session, do not take more than three sessions at a time in the sauna bath. Make sure you are not allergic to any aromatherapy oils before use.

    In the case of combined facilities like sauna and steam bath, which provide the different type of bath, you may also switch from one type to another. What is essential through, is that you cool off thoroughly after each session. Never start a fresh session if your body is warm ( or worse still, hot )and never change from one type of bath to another until you have cooled down properly.

    a ). Size of steam generator : 12" X 24" X 24" (height).
    b ). K W Rating : 6 KW, 220 Volt
    c ). Element : 2 KW (3)

    Scope of Client :
    a ). Civil job : All civil work including P.O.P. or neat cement all wall and ceiling.

    b ). Flooring : Flooring complete with neat cement.

    c ). Door frame : Door pulling size : 2 ft. 9 inches X 7 ft.

    d ). Electric supply : A 220 Volt 40 Amps. M.C.B. switch on the wall outside the sauna bath with output leads in conduit pipe upto sauna generator including necessary cabling (4 mm square copper cable).

    e ). Light : Light point 2 nos. in one corner of ceiling, light fittings 2 nos. imported

    Price:  Rs.75000.00

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